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Thesis WordPress 2.0 Theme = Twice as many pageviews per visit

Last Wednesday, I finally went ahead and launched the Thesis Theme for WordPress for this blog. I’d been thinking about becoming an affiliate for the theme after hearing some good stories about how the program has performed. But then I thought if I was going to go through the trouble of trying to sell the theme, I should actually invest the money and time to install it on my own site, so that’s what I did.

Smart move.

Since turning on the theme I’ve seen my pageviews-per-visit nearly double, both for new visitors and returning visitors. That’s especially impressive considering that my setup is essentially the default with just a few minor tweaks. The only plausible reason that I can come up with is that the layout simply lends itself to readers wanting to check out additional posts before leaving the blog, which is something my site struggled with up until last Wednesday.

Granted, the data set is very small, since it hasn’t even been a week since I turned Thesis on, but the early results are extremely promising.

If you’re interested in checking out Thesis for yourself, simply click on the link below:
Thesis Theme 2.0 for WordPress

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  • http://www.darlingseo.com Chris Darling

    I think one reason why you have had twice as many page views is because many of your past posts re-appeared in feed readers. I subscribe to you in my Google Reader. Seeing those quality headlines and content again attracted me to visit your site again. I knew I had already read them before. Still good stuff! 🙂

    • admin

      Ha! Thanks for the compliment, Chris.

      The metric I was referring to in this particular piece was pageviews per visit (e.g. how many pages an individual visitors consumes) not just total pageviews.

      As far as the reason for them reappearing in your reader, it has to do with a massive server issue I’ve experienced over the past week. I’m hoping that will all be resolved within a week or so. I apologize for any annoyance it might cause.

  • http://www.darlingseo.com Chris Darling

    Hugo!!! No annoyances what so ever! You better believe that. I really enjoy your posts. They are really really good. I know you focus on enterprise level SEO and that is something I’ve just tried to avoid. But, your insight into it all is really helpful for the smaller scale businesses I work with.

    • admin

      Very kind of you, Chris! Thanks for chiming in and keep in touch.

  • Salman@salmansblog

    Do you have a specific date of when Thesis 2.0. is going to release.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I do not.

  • http://www.tourismdentalindia.com Dental Tourism

    It has been ages while the DIY has been keeping us waiting for the Thesis 2.0 . I think it will take some more time.