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Remember that not everyone is a marketer

I’m on vacation this week, hitting the slopes in Colorado and hanging out with a bunch friends. The point of the trip is to disconnect a bit and clear mind of marketing-think, so that I can return to my duties at HSN with renewed vigor.

But sure enough, despite the fact that none of my fellow travelers work in marketing, the topic has come up time and again.

One idea that stood out had to do with re-targeting/re-marketing via display ads. I’ve met many marketers that shy away from this technique because they fear that it will turn off their site visitors or flat out creep them out. After all, which one of us hasn’t felt a little bit uneasy once we’ve realized that a site we’ve recently visited is all of sudden following us around the internet and serving display ads virtually everywhere that we go.

Here’s the thing, though. Based on my unscientific poll that I’ve conducted during this vacation, it’s apparent that the average non-marketer has no idea that display re-targeting exists. Moreover, even after the concept has been explained, they don’t seem very concerned about it at all.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that you use my little vacation anecdote as your sole justification for implementing a re-targeting program. What I am suggesting, however, is that you test out a few campaigns to see how they perform. This is especially true if your marketing programs are geared towards generating direct, online conversions. It’s highly unlikely that you will turn off any potential consumers. Instead, what will mostly happen is that you’ll bring back visitors that may have come close to converting their first time around and just didn’t pull the trigger for one reason or another.

If your product/service is a good one, your site visitors will likely appreciate being reminded about it from time to time. And unlike many of us day-to-day marketers, they won’t spend anytime contemplating the technological underpinnings or privacy implications of  said re-targeting efforts.

So don’t feel so bad, and don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, educate yourself and your team then take re-targeting for a test drive to see if the ROI make it’s a worthwhile long-term endeavor.


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