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Could Have Been

George and Trayvon
Could have been best friends on another day
But instead, George pulled his nine piece out
And took Trayvon’s life away

Could have been
My son
My brother
My best friend
Could have been
Somebody’s doting daddy someday

But instead
He’s a media feeding frenzy
Travyon’s the lead on the news every day

But that don’t help
His momma with her cryin’
That don’t help
His daddy take the nightmares away

He ain’t the only one
We’re killing them every night and day
‘Cause shooting instead of retreating
Is how we do it in the US of A

Don’t stand your ground
Even though it’s the law in 2o odd states
Don’t stand your ground
It’s a doorway to increasing hate

Cause I got a gun
And there ain’t nothing wrong with that
But the way we’re making the law
I can do what George did and still get away

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