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There’s no such thing as the Promised Land

I recently shared a New York Times infographic on human cost of the most recent clashes between Israel and Palestine (warning: this infographic and the accompanying photos are not for the faint of heart). Soon thereafter, an old childhood friend reached out in private to discuss what’s going on.

She tried to explain to me that the situation was completely one-sided and that all her side was doing was projecting themselves. She was polite about it, which I appreciate, so I tried my best to be polite when I explained my thoughts on the matter.

Absurdity is the first thought that comes to mind. The absurdity of the situation appears to be lost on both sides in that the crux of the issue is a piece of land; so called “Promised Land”

That’s why children aren’t coming home to their moms and dads.

To put this in perspective I tried to provide my friend with a bit of a thought experiment. Knowing what we now know about tectonic plate movements that dictate the form of the surface of the earth it only takes a moment to realize the obvious.

This “Promised Land” these folks are fighting over wasn’t around in the past and it won’t be around in the future. Of course the people that developed these two opposing doctrines can’t be blamed for not realizing this. Science was but a faint glimmer in humanity’s eye. But we can most definitely place the blame on both the Israeli and Palestinian Powers That Be for basing political policy and military aggression based on the assertions of people who literally didn’t know that cells existed or that the Earth revolves around the sun.

What’s the point of all this, besides the lamenting the continued loss of life? For me, the key takeaway – that can be applied in virtually all facets of life – is that it’s always important to take a bit of a mathematical approach to perceiving the world by shifting your perspective a few orders of magnitude inward or outward. By doing so, you may notice that ideas that seem permanent or unassailable become obsolete or flat out absurd.

And the more that we educate folks (young and old) the less we’ll have to deal with tragic scenarios like this Israeli-Palestinian crisis or another painfully similar strife that going down in the Motherland…

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